Trending September 2023 # Bookkeeping Course (3+ Hours Of Tutorial, Online Certification) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 18 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Bookkeeping Course (3+ Hours Of Tutorial, Online Certification) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 18 Popular

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About Bookkeeping Course

Further details are provided below.

Bookkeeping Course Curriculum

Serial Number Course Segments Segment Description

1 Introduction Under this segment, a brief idea of the course will be shared. It will be discussed as to who will be benefitted from the course and whether you require any Pre-Requisite knowledge to start the course and the overall layout of the course. How the course will proceed and different areas that will be explained in the course. This segment will help to build your knowledge regarding different Financial statements.

2 Journal Entries

3 Ledgers

3 Bank Reconciliation Statement

5 Balance Sheet

6 Cash Flow In Accrual Accounting, predicted Income and expenses are recorded. Accrual Accounting doesn’t show the actual cash picture of the company. For an outsider, it is extremely important to get the actual cash picture of a firm as they can’t play with cash. So under this segment, how many types of cash flow accounts are there will be discussed? What are the signs of each kind of cash flow statements? Cash flows are generally calculated under two methods, that is Direct and Indirect. Both the methods will be shared and proper step by step calculations will be shown. An exercise after completion of the segment will be there to solidify the knowledge.

Bookkeeping Course – Certificate of Completion

What is Bookkeeping?

Which Skills will you learn in this Training


This course will help you to get the knowledge of Bookkeeping and Accounting. Accounting is a very important part of Finance. Book-Keeping course will help you to understand how each Financial Transaction is accounted for using the Golden Rules. So it will help you to upgrade your accounting skills. Accounting Skills are very important to understand a particular company’s financial statements. It will also enhance your Auditing skills. Once you understand the flow of transactions then it will help you to do proper Auditing of Financial Statements.


You don’t have to have any particular knowledge regarding accounting or finance to attend this Bookkeeping Training. The course is designed so that a beginner can also pick it up. So everything will be covered starting from scratch. The basics of accounting will be explained first then followed by its posting.

Target Audience

The targeted audiences are mentioned below:

Students who have chosen the commerce stream and are planning to sit for their higher secondary Exam. This Bookkeeping Training will help them to picture as to why they are learning different chapters of Accounts in their school syllabus. This course will help them to connect the dots. At times it happens that we learn a particular thing but we don’t know the implication of it. So this course will help you to understand the implication of accounting, how journal entries affect several accounts.

Students from other streams rather than commerce also try to do MBA in finance. For them, the most important challenge turns out to understand the basic concepts of accounting. This Bookkeeping Training is a must for those students.

Experienced persons who are working for many years often tend to forget the basic concepts of accounting learned in school and colleges. So if they are being put into a project where the basic knowledge is required, then it gets difficult for them to cope. So this course will help them to brush up the concepts and there are several exercises through which they can practice.

Anybody who is interested to invest in the stock market but doesn’t know which company shares to buy can do this Online Bookkeeping Course as this will help them to understand the accounting behind every organization. So then he can study the balance sheet of the companies that he wants to invest and do research on his own. This will help them to understand the company better.

Bookkeeping Course – FAQ’s How much should I expect to spend weekly on this online bookkeeping course?

If you dedicate 2-3hrs time weekly understanding a particular segment and then solving exercises till you can do it perfectly, then it will be enough.

I am new to Bookkeeping, can I take up the training??

This training is designed in such a way that anybody can attain the training. It is going to first introduce the subject to you, then slowly show how it is done.

I am working in Fund administrator Domain and planning to take up certification, then how is Bookkeeping training going to help me??

Fund administrator’s daily job is to calculate the Fund’s NAV, this certification will help you to understand how each transaction is affecting different parts of the balance sheet, and ultimately the Daily NAV calculation will be easy for you to understand. This certification is going to clear your base regarding different types of transactions and accounts.

Sample Preview

Career Benefits

The certification received after completion does have value in the professional world. It will add weightage in your Curriculum Vitae and will give you an edge in the interview. This Online Bookkeeping Course will help you to understand several parts of finance in detail and will also help to apply in jobs related to auditing and Book-Keeping.


Extremely Helpful

The course was extremely informative and provided a better understanding of how the software works best for your company. Before I started the training, I did not have any knowledge of bookkeeping. Once I completed the training, I am more confident that I will be able to utilize the training I have received in real-world scenarios. I would recommend this training.


Victoria E Guerra

Excellent course

Very positive experience, clear to follow videos and very informative


Daniel Harris

Thanks, EDUCBA

5 OUT 5! This course was just what I needed to freshen up my Accounting skills. I’m so glad I found EDUCBA. I plan to complete more courses in the future.


Katherine Jackson

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