Trending September 2023 # Data Scientist Course In South Africa (128 Courses, Online Certification) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 18 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Data Scientist Course In South Africa (128 Courses, Online Certification) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 18 Popular

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About Data Scientist Course South Africa

Course Name Online Data Scientist Course South Africa

Deal You get access to all videos for the lifetime

Hours 837+ Video Hours

Core Coverage You get to learn data science using R, Python, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big data & Hadoop, Predictive Modeling, Business Analytics, Data Visualization, and other areas under Data Science.

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone serious about learning data science and wants to make a career in analytics

Pre-Requisites Basic knowledge of data and analytics

What do you get? Certificate of Completion for the course

Certification Type Course Completion Certificates

Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each150 course, Projects with a unique link. These link can be included in your resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced skills

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

Software Required None

System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

Data Scientist Course in South Africa Curriculum

By completing this data scientist course one will be able to:

Recognize and analyze business-related problems like security, privacy, and integrity data sets from threats.

One can be able to apply this learning for quantitative modeling and data analysis methods to resolve real-world problems.

One can be able to communicate and find the outputs for predictive data using data visualization techniques.

To be able to manage data using some data mining software.

To apply suitable algorithms to analyze big data and build models.

Overall one is provided with hands-on projects in these course objectives related to understanding concepts practically.

The data scientist course is for the one who is willing to be one of the successful data scientists who look and manages huge data efficiently by using many algorithms and techniques. Such methods and algorithms are included in this Data Scientist Course in South Africa to have deep knowledge of how to tackle data to resolve problems faced by the analysts.

In this training you will have:

76 online courses.

52 Hands-on projects.

620+ hours of training.

Verifiable certification of completion of this course.

Lifetime access.

Data Scientist Course – Certificate of Completion

What is Data Science?

There are many different skills you will throughout this Data Scientist Course in South Africa. Few of them are mentioned below:

In this course, you will learn python in data science, python is one subject which can be linked with data science using some python libraries like Opencv, Numpy, Scipy, etc. This also provides you with python shells and pandas coding which is important for extracting useful data.

You will be dealing with some important algorithms for machine learning. This is another sub-topic in data science which used for analyzing the data and efficiently classifies the data using these algorithms. Some important algorithms used are KNN, K means, regression algorithms, etc.

Some other skills included in this Data Scientist Course in South Africa are some programming skills for R programming, statistics, algebra, Oracle, SQL, and some other topics in brief like plotting graphs and building models using these analytical methods.


Data science is one of the vast sectors and is not just one topic, it is a combination of many sub-topics. In this Data Scientist Course in South Africa, there are mainly fundamental and programming prerequisites.

When it is fundamental prerequisites it is related to statistics and mathematics. In statistics, there are different concepts like inferential statistics which means deriving or concluding about the given data sets. Descriptive statistics is nothing about but just to describe the given data sets. In mathematics, we need to know about the basics of linear algebra and calculus, etc. These fundamental prerequisites are needed for each one to know and understand at least the basic concepts.

The other main prerequisite can be programming skills. In this, it is required for each one to know the basic concepts of some object-oriented programming skills like C, C++, and java. The main topics to be known are R programming, SQL, PLSQL, Excel, Python, machine learning, big data, Hadoop, etc.

And to do all these you need to have a computer or laptop with preferable software which will be given during the course.

Target Audience

Scholars or graduates or undergraduates: Pupil who is pursuing or completed with their bachelor’s or master’s degree can opt for this type of course to build their career as data scientists. This Data Scientist Course in South Africa is very important to those students who are interested to be one of the successful data scientists

The job holders or professionals: This type of pupil can also take up this course who are will to migrate from the current post to another post. Professionals like data analysts can also go for this course to upgrade their skills and can be furthermore eligible for a higher position than the current. Even the present data scientists can also do this Data Scientist Course in South Africa to learn more ideas and new technologies.

Pupils or beginners of any branch of engineering or from any different field can also take up this course who wants to be future data scientists. It is enough to have little knowledge of data science.

Data Scientist Course South Africa – FAQ’s Why select data science?

In data science, you can study processing data and managing databases, conducting statistical and predictive modeling, and developing effective critical analysis, communication, and reflective skills.

Why should you be a data scientist?

In today’s market data science course is very important for those who want to be a successful data scientist. The data scientist is one of the top-ranking professionals in the world for any analytics organization. Therefore data science course is very scarce and in demand.

Will any preparation material be given?

Yes, registered users can get study materials as soon as the online courses are started. You can access it through your credentials. There are 76 hours of online courses given in this training.

Are there any projects given during this Data Scientist Course in South Africa?

Yes, there are 56 hands-on projects during this entire course. Projects are given for the topics to make you understand well along with practical knowledge. These hands-on projects will later help you out during job-specific projects.

Who can take up this data science course?

There are no specific roles. Anyone can take up this Data Scientist Course in South Africa with basic ideas of statistics, mathematics, and data analytics. In this course, we will start from very basics so anyone willing to be data scientists can go for it.

What is the data science trend in South Africa?

As we know data science is the most trending and emerging technology in the world, as well as in South Africa too. South Africa conducts events every year which is one of the most important events known as “DataCon Africa” which helps in building data analytics. There are many top data analytics companies in South Africa like YellowFin, Wixel, Quantium, etc.

Sample Preview

Career Benefits

A career as a data scientist is highly prestigious and versatile:

As we know data science is a combination of various fields, hence data science is widely used in many different applications which are a real benefit for the data scientists. They have their applications in banking, e-commerce, and medical fields for tracking the data of patients. Therefore in many organizations, data scientists are having very prestigious roles in companies as they can smartly handle the business with proper predictions.

Can have many different roles:

By doing this one course on data science you will be eligible not only for data scientist role but roles like data analysts, software test engineers, quality analysts, business analysts, statisticians, etc.

Data scientists are high in demand and are highly paid:

As it is one of the fastest emerging jobs the employment sector needs more data scientists. By research, it is predicted that there are many millions of jobs to open. As there is a higher requirement of data scientists, these are highly paid job roles in the present IT sector.

So there are many opportunities open for future data scientist roles. If you take this Data Scientist Course in South Africa you will be even exposed to many job roles very quickly along with your pieces of training. Corporate South Africa’s interest in data scientists is growing, where Johannesburg corporate is scrambling to capture aspiring data science students in research and consulting. There is a demand for data analytics and scientists in the digital economy that far exceeds the current supply in South Africa.


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