Trending September 2023 # How To Draw Line In Excel? (With Examples) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 16 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # How To Draw Line In Excel? (With Examples) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 16 Popular

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Introduction to Drawing a Line in Excel

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How to use Drawing a Line in Excel?

Before the drawing, the first thing to know is where to find the line. Below are the generic steps that will lead your way:

Step 2: Under the “Insert” tab, you will find “Shapes”, which is a part of the “Illustrations” group

Purpose of Drawing a Line in Excel

Below are a few scenarios that you may come across.

Example #1 – Draw a simple line

Step 1: Select “Line” from the “Lines” menu.

Step 3: If you release the mouse cursor in between, you need not worry. Select the line, and you will see two dots at each end of the line, as shown below image:

Step 4: Select the dot from any end to resize the line or to change its direction, and you will get the output as shown below:

Example #2 – Draw multiple lines without selecting “line shape” again

After the first line, if you need to create another line of the same type, you have to select the line again from the “Shapes” menu. What if we must draw multiple lines without selecting them from the “Shapes” menu To overcome this situation, Excel has an inbuilt functionality, i.e., “Lock Drawing Mode”. Below are the steps you need to follow to draw multiple lines repeatedly.

Step 3: Repeat “Step 2” for every line you need to draw. After drawing the number of required lines, Press the “Esc” button.

Example #3 – Draw an arrow in a flow diagram

Imagine you need to create a flow diagram to explain the process or steps you follow for a certain project. In this situation, a simple line might not be useful as you need to specify the direction of the flow. We typically use a “Line arrow” for such situations.

Below are the steps you need to take to draw it:

Step 1: Select “Line Arrow” from the “Lines” menu.

Example #4 – Format the line to make it more presentable

Sometimes we need to present our work to others in both the professional and personal world. One thing we should keep in mind is that we might have to make it look visually appealing according to the situation, and all you need to do is follow the below set of steps:

Step 1: Select the line which you want to format.

Note: You can also select multiple lines to format them in the same manner in one go and avoid repeating the steps.

Step 2: Select the “Format” tab under the “Drawing Tools” as highlighted below:

Under the “Format tab”, you can access many different options. You can change the color of the line or its width/thickness. You can even add some visual effects to make it more visually appealing.

To format Color:

Step 3: Now, select “Shape Outline” from the “Format tab” and choose the desired color for your line.

To format Size:

Step 3: Now, select “Shape Outline” from the “Format tab,” choose “Weight,” and then the required width.

You can also use some pre-defined styles for a quick turnaround. They are available under the header “Shape Styles”, as shown below:

To format Shape effects:

Step 3: To add shape effects, select “Shape Effects” from the “Format tab”, and you will see a wide variety of effects that can be used.

Let us take an example of adding shadow to the line and see what it looks like:

Step 4: Select “Shadow” from the “Shape Effects” menu as shown below:

Step 5: Select the required effect from the “Shadow” menu, and you will see an output similar to the one shown below:

Things to Remember

This was an overview of drawing a line in Excel and some of its applications. To draw and format other shapes, you only need to select the required shape from the “Shapes” menu and follow the steps we used above to draw a line in Excel. You make things look simple; drawing a line in Excel will be more helpful.

Some popular types of lines.


Line Arrow

Line Arrow: Double

Connector: Elbow Arrow

Connector: Elbow Double-Arrow

Some other applications.

Used in charts to mark threshold values or as stat markers

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