Trending September 2023 # Magento Tutorial: Web Application With Magento # Suggested October 2023 # Top 12 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Magento Tutorial: Web Application With Magento # Suggested October 2023 # Top 12 Popular

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Magento  Tutorial

Magento is a complete e-commerce web application; it was launched on March 31, 2008. It allows merchants to design and configure their web applications according to their requirements. The good thing is Magento is completely open-source; anyone can use it without paying. Magento admin can manage content, interface, and all marketing and merchandising tools from the admin panel. Admin can design unique web applications according to their use without writing any coding. Over 25% of world e-commerce web applications are developed using Magento only. One can also write code if they want; in that case, they must learn PHP programming and database.

Why do we need to learn Magento?

There are many e-commerce open sources available, but Magento contains all in one. A few points why we need to learn it are given below.

Easy to manage inventory, store, and cms for online.

Almost all the important things which you may need as an e-commerce developer are available. And once you learn Magento, then your understanding of e-commerce will be very clear.

Most of the time, its functionality suites any business requirements.

It has features like the Enterprise edition.

You do not have to worry about future scalability, as Magento has been designed in such a way that it will sustain any small to large business. So if your business grows, you can scale applications also.

Because it started very early, thousands of Magento plugins as an open source have been developed by many people, which you can directly use in your web application.

As Magento is open-source, any startup can use it, and they can extend if they grow.

Applications of Magento

If you go to any e-commerce website like Amazon or Flipkart, you will see a login, add cart, and delete cart. From cart to buy now to payment, any Magento admin user can design everything without writing a single line of code with great performance.

It’s not only about this; it can design your products from their color to position and description to its design by any admin.


In the below example, we are showing very basic features available in Magento admin. You can see after login; we have the option to manage various attributes of e-commerce.

Manage customers: In this section, the admin can handle and manage all the customers registered on your e-commerce website. It can be like sending notifications or giving some coupons for any specific reason to any customer.

Manage reports: You generate monthly and weekly reports for sales and for, other activities, and for many more.

Manage catalog: Here, In this section, you can manage your products and categories. You can upload images of products and many things related to your products and inventories.


You should have a minimum understanding of any online shopping applications and how any e-commerce works. But if you want to customize everything and also want to do some coding, then you need to learn PHP, some MVC modules, and Database(mysql preferred).

Target Audience

A PHP Developer: Any PHP developer with an understanding of the attributes of any e-commerce website.

An Admin: A user with only an understanding of his or her business need and what exactly he wants to show to end customers as a website.

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